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Brooklyn Shaken & Stirred

Tuesday, October 2, 6pm- 9pm in Carroll Garden’s The Green Building at 425 Union Street.

The shake up of Brooklyn’s borough-made spirits scene is the perfect reason to imbibe in some of the borough’s best of specialty cocktails, artisanal spirits, craft beers, and boutique wines.

What better way to toast the awesomeness of this occasion, than with several of Brooklyn’s paramount restaurants providing top-notch noshes for your palate pleasing pleasures.

Tickets are $45 (including all food and drink…bargain!) Purchase tickets and tell your friends!

Wines by: Brooklyn Winery, Parlay Wine and Brooklyn Oeonology

Beer by: Sixpoint Brewery

Spirits and Cocktails from: Donna Bklyn, Sunburnt Calf, Brooklyn Gin, Brooklyn Republic Vodka,  El Buho Mezcal, Jack from Brooklyn, Pok Pok, Tanteo Tequila, Templeton Rye,  White Pike Whiskey, Q Drinks, Sycamore,  Van Horn Sandwich Shop, Tenneyson Absinthe Royale, Maison Premiere, Cacao Prieto, Fort Defiance

Savory Bites from: D. Coluccio & Sons, Dressler, Tchoup Shop, Allswell, Stone Park Cafe, Van Horn Sandwich Shop, Fairway Market,  Mable’s Smokehouse, Benchmark Restaurant, Le Comptoir
Sweet Bites from: Robicellis, Ovenly, Cacao Prieto
Music by: DJ Nutritious, spinning energizing and ecletic grooves


The Brooklyn Based Booze Awards

Just five years ago, there was no such thing as Brooklyn-made liquor (at least not legally—we can’t speak to what people do in their own bathtubs). But much-welcome changes in prohibition-era laws have opened the doors for local craft distillers, and it turned out the doors were more like floodgates.

With a dozen Brooklyn distilleries now in operation, stretching from Red Hook to Greenpoint, we decided that is was time to test them out. Brooklyn Based assembled a willing team of tasters and tried all of the Brooklyn-made liquors currently on the market (tough job, but someone’s gotta do it).

Our group of 20 thirsty Brooklynites sampled each booze straight up, on ice and with fancy-pants cocktail mixers (like Morris Kitchen‘s Brooklyn-made ginger syrup), and voted then voted for winners in each category. After much well-lubricated debate, we’re ready to name our favorites.

Best Cocktail Mixer

Winner: Cacao Prieto’s Don Estaban Cacao Liqueur

This new Red Hook facility makes both chocolate and booze, and, most notably, chocolate liqueur. Crafted from single-origin Dominican Republic cacao, this unique spirit tastes like a glass of rum infused with dark chocolate. We found it a bit too sweet to drink on its own, but just a few drops of the stuff added to whiskey (Kings County Bourbon perhaps?) is perfection.

Where to Drink It: Clover Club on Smith Street carries Cacao Prieto—ask one of their knowledgeable bartenders to mix it into something from their julep menu.

See more at Brooklyn Based!

astor wines and spritis

Astor Wines & Spirits

Astor Wines and Spirits: We are proud to be the first and only retailer currently providing these original and incredible new spirits from Cacao Prieto.


Don Esteban

Don Rafael

Astor Wines & Spirits sells Cacao Prieto Rums & Liqueurs

Cacao Prieto Rum Products Now Available For Sale Online at

We are proud to offer our liquors for sale online, through our distributor Astor Wines & Spirits. Featured as an Astor Exclusive on Tasting Notes NYC, wine consultant and manager Nima A writes: “The balance, authenticity, and flavors are exceptional and the critics are already raving, this stuff is available in limited quantities. A breath of fresh air in two very trendy categories.”

Read more;

Ultimate Spirits Challenge rated our Don Esteban liqueur 90 points - 'Excellent, Highly Recommended'

Don Estaban Chocolate Liqueur Receives 90 points from Ultimate Beverage Challenge – “Excellent, Highly Recommended”

The Ultimate Beverage Challenge rated our Don Estaban Chocolate Liqueur 90 points in the 2012 Ultimate Spirits Challenge. This high mark reflects the passion for Rum Liqueur we put into each bottle of organic Don Esteban sweetened rum, and we are delighted to report that the Don Esteban is rated as “Excellent, Highly Recommended.” See the full results on

Read more;

ICI logo

Cacao Prieto and Slow Food NYC team up for a Valentine’s Dinner, Featuring Cacao Liqueur

When: February 16th, 6:30pm

Where: iCi restaurant, 246 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn NY

Featuring: Cacao Liqueur, cacao infused rum, and chocolates from our Red Hook chocolate factory.
Read more;

Our custom designed Copper Still

First Run of the Still!

Our 1000 liter still is up and running !

After months of hard work we finally completed the installation of our custom still in Brooklyn. It is one of the largest in New York! In fact we are the first and only licensed rum distillery in NYC since prohibition! After all that work, we were pretty hyped up to see it in action, so, with bated breaths the we fired up our copper still for the first time. The result: a heavenly white rum with a strong aroma of honeysuckle. Read more;

Cacao Prieto is located at 218 Conover Street, in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Click here to send us a message, or call us at (347) 225-0130.

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