How Coralina Got Its Name

Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic was the first city founded in the New World by the Spanish. Catedral de Santa María la Menor was the first Church to be built there, construction starting in 1514 and it is now the oldest extant church in the Americas.

Coralina Farms

Vaulted ceiling in Catedral de Santa María la Menor

The building material that was used for the church and for most of the city was sparkling white blocks of coral dragged from the sea.

Coralina Farms

Coiralina wall of Columbus' fort in Santo Domingo

Coralina Farms

Catedral de Santa María la Menor

Coralina Farms

White Coral Blocks at Catedral de Santa María la Menor

When we first started exploring the rare biodiversity of the Dominican Republic we found examples of white or what other countries call “Porcelina” Cacao Beans growing in our orchards.

Coralina #16 from Orchard 8, Tree 587

Genetic tests confirm these white beans are unique heirloom varietals derived from the earliest Cacao plants that Columbus first brought to the Dominican Republic. We wanted a name to reflect our Dominican heritage and the white of the beans reminded us so much of the white coral buildings the nation was founded on. So, we had to name the farm Coralina. Our white beans and breeding program for white cacao varietals are also branded Coralina.



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  1. Gypsy says:

    You can’t imagine how moved I am, as a Dominican, to see the deep knowledge, respect (cultural, historic) and transparency reflected in this project. Thank you and much success.

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