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Cacao Prieto Rum Products Now Available For Sale Online at

We are proud to offer our liquors for sale online, through our distributor Astor Wines & Spirits. Featured as an Astor Exclusive on Tasting Notes NYC, wine consultant and manager Nima A writes: “The balance, authenticity, and flavors are exceptional and the critics are already raving, this stuff is available in limited quantities. A breath of fresh air in two very trendy categories.”

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Ultimate Spirits Challenge rated our Don Esteban liqueur 90 points - 'Excellent, Highly Recommended'

Don Estaban Chocolate Liqueur Receives 90 points from Ultimate Beverage Challenge – “Excellent, Highly Recommended”

The Ultimate Beverage Challenge rated our Don Estaban Chocolate Liqueur 90 points in the 2012 Ultimate Spirits Challenge. This high mark reflects the passion for Rum Liqueur we put into each bottle of organic Don Esteban sweetened rum, and we are delighted to report that the Don Esteban is rated as “Excellent, Highly Recommended.” See the full results on

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Our custom designed Copper Still

Red Hook Distillery Features Custom Designed Still

Our distillery’s custom designed copper still is the heart of our Brooklyn distilling operation. It was designed by Cacao Prieto founder Daniel Prieto and manufactured by Christian Carl, one of Europe‚Äôs oldest still makers. Our custom still is quite possibly the only fully automated, computer controlled still in the artisan distilling world.

Distillery Photos

Rectification Column

Rectification Column


Still Columns

Still Columns


Automatic distillation set up

Our automatic distilling set up in our Brooklyn location.

Jan moving in the Stone Mill

Our Stone Mill is Ready For Whiskey Action

Get ready for whiskey!

Yes indeed, our new grain mill is ready for action and that means that we are that much closer to full on whiskey production.

We bought a beautiful turn of the century 16″ stone mill this past week from the original manufacturer who fully restored and rebuilt it for us. Unlike hammer mills, antique stone mills operate at very slow speeds creating a uniform, cold grind that makes the highest quality flour or grits. Modern hammer mills can burn the grain through high speed friction and create a very uneven, coarse grind. We will be using our mill for only artisanal grains, no GMO corn or animal feeds. Read more;

Our custom designed Copper Still

First Run of the Still!

Our 1000 liter still is up and running !

After months of hard work we finally completed the installation of our custom still in Brooklyn. It is one of the largest in New York! In fact we are the first and only licensed rum distillery in NYC since prohibition! After all that work, we were pretty hyped up to see it in action, so, with bated breaths the we fired up our copper still for the first time. The result: a heavenly white rum with a strong aroma of honeysuckle. Read more;

Cacao Prieto Bottles

Our Rum

This chocolate liquor is made from heirloom varietals of organic Dominican cacao and organic sugar cane. Distilled and aged in our factory in Red Hook Brooklyn, Cacao Prieto produces a variety of liqueurs and rums all made from organic Dominican sugar cane and cacao beans from Cacao Prieto’s family orchard in the Dominican Republic.

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The Widow Jane Mine

Water From The Widow Jane Mine Delivered

It turns out that building a great city and distilling a great whiskey are both dependent on the same thing — limestone. For a city, limestone is the foundation from which great structures soar. For great whiskey you need pure spring water enriched by limestone. Read more;


Fine Oak Ageing

Our rums and whiskeys are aged in American and French Oak barrels. Ageing times vary from several months on our liqueurs to a minimum of 1 year on rums and 4 years on bourbon. Read more;

Cacao Prieto is located at 218 Conover Street, in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Click here to send us a message, or call us at (347) 225-0130.

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